The most advanced Page Speed optimization plugin for Wordpress
Out of 23 Wordpress plugins tested, we outperformed all others increasing average Google PageSpeed  performance score from 69 to 94
No need for guesswork- test your site with our simulator and see the performance boost before you install
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“..using the PageSpeed Ninja plugin, the score was greatly improved from 43 to 93 and 31 to 84.”
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“ a Wordpress speed optimization plugin, it’s quite unique from others we tested.”
Why does speed matter?
Research shows that there’s a strong relationship between website performance and business success.
Improve conversion rates
Faster sites lead to more revenue. Page speed is shown to increase conversion rates and improve business outcomes. One second improvement in page loading times can increase conversion rates by 20%.
Retain your users
Performance plays a vital role in the success of online businesses. Websites that load quickly and respond to users input timely retain users better than slower and sluggish websites.
Superior User Experience
When it comes to UX, speed matters. A consumer study showed that the stress response to delays in page speed are similar to watching a horror movie, and greater than waiting in a line at a store.
Why is PageSpeed Ninja better?
When there are tens of options out there, here are a couple of reasons why you should choose PageSpeed Ninja
Lightning fast loading times
Out of 23 plugins tested, Page Speed Ninja outperformed all others increasing overall website performance rating from 69 to 94.
Serious performance
We’ve been optimizing websites since 2009. We built Page Speed Ninja for Wordpress users who are serious about performance
Easy to learn and use
Page Speed Ninja stands out with its modern and easy-to-use interface. See all diagnosis at once, fix with a single click.
Community and Pro versions
Our Community version is already comprehensive. If you are looking for advanced features we’ve got you covered with the Pro version.
World-class support
Things don't always go as expected. What you can count on is us. We'll do our best to help and support you to resolve them all.
If you're seeking solutions customized for your needs, we're ready to help you with our expert setup, maintenance and development
How does it work?
Modern and easy-to-use interface with advanced features
Page speed ninja instant performance
No need for guesswork- test your site with our simulator and see the performance boost before you install
Page speed ninja inspect problems and fix
Download & install our free Community version. If you don’t like it, uninstall it safely, all settings are rolled back.
Page speed ninja advanced settings
Diagnose and resolve issues with a click of a button. Fine tune for peak performance with advanced settings.
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
“I work for most Clients with the DIVI-Theme, which is hard to optimize for page speed. I’ve tested more then ten optimization-plugins, but no one is so easy and earns so good results as this plugin. It’s simple the best, I will recommend it everyone. Thanks for the fantastic work!”
Feature Highlights
15 years of experience, distilled into a single product.
Top-Class Code Optimization
Optimize HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web-font loading, generate critical CSS for instant rendering
Comprehensive Image Suite
Advanced image compression, lossless resizing (Pro), simple WebP and AVIF format conversion (Pro)
Cutting-Edge Technology
Multi-thread background optimization, ImageMagick for image performance, CLI Tools for advanced customization
Resource Management
Self-hosting, external resource optimization, effortless resource preloading with an intuitive wizard
Advanced Troubleshooting
Not only diagnose performance issues at breeze, but also resolve them easily with a single click
Backup and Restore
Reliably backup & restore features to secure your data, easily share them between servers (Pro)
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
“The best pagespeed optimization plugin. 91/100 mobile, 100/100 desktop!”
Choose an option that’s right for you
Packed with all features needed for top-speed optimization for your website.
Download now
What’s included?
Everything for top performance:
  • HTML optimization
  • JavaScript optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Above-the-fold CSS (1 request per week)
  • Lazy Loading
  • Advanced Page Caching
  • Community support
Advanced features and priority support for those who aim for professional results
Per year
Download now
What’s included?
All in Community version, plus:
  • 50 CSS requests per week
  • Priority Support
  • Multi-thread optimization
  • Webp/Avif generation
  • Multi-site Support
  • Backup & Restore
  • 7-days money back guarantee
For corporate customers who are looking for customizations and customer level SLA
Based on your needs
Request quote
What’s included?
All in Pro version, plus:
  • Unlimited CSS requests
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom feature development
  • Custom SLA
See what others say about Page Speed Ninja
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
The best page speed optimization plugin. 91/100 mobile, 100/100 desktop!
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
I don't know how you've done it, but your plugin makes sites go extremely faster and have the highest scores out there. Even page speed insights freaks out!!
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
Was having some issues with my page speed and this plugin optimized everything without having any negative side effects. Now I’m up to a 99 page speed and very happy!
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
My page speed went from 25 to 86 on mobile and 54 to 97 on Desktop. No other plugin has had such a dramatic effect!
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
Spectacular! you just have to know how to use your settings well, 99 on desktop and 62 on mobile
Page Speed Ninja 5 star review
This is by far the best performance plugin I’ve ever used. After using many other famous plugins this left me open-mouthed for the simplicity attached to the result I had.
Frequently asked questions about Page Speed Ninja
Does PageSpeed Ninja guarantee a perfect PageSpeed score?
PageSpeed Ninja offers powerful optimization features, but achieving a perfect PageSpeed score depends on many factors, including your website's structure, hosting environment, and content. The plugin significantly improves performance, but individual scores may vary.
Is PageSpeed Ninja beginner friendly?
Absolutely! Even though PageSpeed Ninja is aimed at advanced optimization, it was designed with ease of use in mind. You don't need to be a technical expert to use our plugin. Setup is simple and our intuitive interface makes it easy to configure and optimize your website for top-notch performance.
Is PageSpeed Ninja compatible with my WordPress theme and other plugins?
Yes, PageSpeed Ninja is designed to be compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins. We have worked hard to ensure a seamless integration, but if you encounter any issues, our support team is ready to assist you.
Can I undo changes made by PageSpeed Ninja if I need to?
Yes, PageSpeed Ninja allows you to disable optimizations through the plugin's settings. As a last resort, disabling PageSpeed Ninja will revert changes made by the plugin, and uninstalling the plugin will remove all generated files. So if you ever need to undo optimizations for any reason, you can easily roll back with just a few clicks.
How often should I update the plugin?
It's recommended that you keep PageSpeed Ninja updated to the latest version to benefit from bug fixes, improvements and compatibility updates. Regularly updating the plugin ensures optimal performance and compatibility with your WordPress installation.
Does PageSpeed Ninja affect the visual appearance of my website?
Once set up properly, no. PageSpeed Ninja is designed to optimize the performance of your website without affecting its visual appearance. Our plugin focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements such as minifying and compressing files, optimizing images, and using caching to improve load times without changing the design of your website.
How does PageSpeed Ninja optimize the images on my site?
PageSpeed Ninja uses advanced image optimization techniques, including compression, conversion to WebP/AVIF formats and lazy loading. The plugin automatically compresses images without compromising their quality, and loads images only when they are about to be visible on the user's screen. This significantly reduces page load times and improves overall site performance.
Does PageSpeed Ninja work with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)?
The Pro version of PageSpeed Ninja seamlessly integrates with popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). This allows you to further improve the performance of your website by delivering content through a global network of servers, reducing latency and improving load times for users around the world.
Can I get support if I have problems with PageSpeed Ninja?
Of course! We offer dedicated support to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Feel free to contact our support team and we'll be happy to help you optimize your WordPress site for peak performance.
Is PageSpeed Ninja free of charge?
Our Community version is and always will be free of charge. We also offer a Pro version aimed for more advanced usage, which helps us to continue maintain and improve our product.